Create Your Own Spell Bottle

Spell Jars or Witch Bottles contain all the magic of a big spell in a little jar. This straightforward

approach makes changing the energy in your life simple, personalized, and super easy to get creative with. Are you ready to get started?


Always start with your intention. What do you want to accomplish with this spell? Maybe you are

wishing for more prosperity, hoping to call in a new love, or maybe you want to protect your home or your car. Being clear on your intention is the most important step of any spell work, so being as specific as possible is necessary! When you are ready to get started take a few minutes to…


Meditate on your intention.

Write your intention on a small paper to put in the jar.


After setting your intention, you can now gather any herbs, crystals, essential oils, symbols or  other items that will align with your intention.


Once your spell bottle is closed, don’t open it again until your intention has come to fruition.


Keep your spell bottle where it makes the most sense for your goal. For instance, keep a

protection spell near your front door, or keep

a prosperity spell where you work, etc.


As with all spells, make sure to have fun!!!



  1. When you are ready to do your spell, start by cleansing your materials with sage or incense. You can also light any candles you may have to accompany your ceremony or put on any

music that will support the vibe you are creating.


  1. When you are ready to start adding the items to your bottle, say or think about your

intention as you put each one in. You may want say something like, “With this (name of herb) I call to me (your intention)”.


  1. After you have added all the items to your bottle, seal it by dripping the wax of the white candle provided around the cork.


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