A new kind of crystal store...

The Divine Bubble is a Metaphysical Boutique and Healing Center

Our goal is to provide you the tools you need for greater inspiration and deeper empowerment.

Our products combine crystal energy therapies with your personal intentions to help you achieve a deeper sense of healing.

Continue reading below, to find out why we do what we do!


Hello and welcome to The Divine Bubble,

You know in your bones… in your blood… in your heart… there is so much more to life than what most of us are living.
Perhaps you are successful - but are you fulfilled?
Perhaps you have a partner in your life - but do you have time for yourself? 
Perhaps you have yourself - but do you have a tribe?
I am speaking to the part of you that knows what I am talking about. ​The part of you who wants so much more out of life than just to survive. The part of you that is ready to THRIVE!

All of us are seeking happiness. An end to our suffering, pain, and traumas. It is what drove us to spirituality and personal development in the first place. Only to find more of the same: having to numb or turn off part of yourself in order to fit in and feel good.
How's that working for you?

We long not to be just enlightened but to be fully ENLIVENED! - To live a life full of real life turned on by the journey and the mystery of the perfectly imperfect​​ Inner Work!
For us, it is not our Higher Self but our DEEPER SELF that we crave.
The TRUE YOU, that ‘something’ you have been unconsciously looking for, yearning for, striving for, is simply waiting for you to tune into it.
We all need the right tools to help us on our journey, and the right support system that sees us for who we really are and wants us to thrive.
This is why we created The Divine Bubble. We created what we are all looking for.
We created it for you!