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Tiger's Eye Pendulums - To Bring You Greater Wisdom, Courage, And Discernment


If you're looking for a mystical stone that will help you tap into your intuition and see things in a new light, Tiger's Eye is the perfect stone for you!

This striking stone is associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts, and strategic warfare.

Tiger's Eye is the perfect companion in difficult situations and can guide you when tough choices need to be made, as it brings wisdom, courage, and discernment,

Most importantly, Tiger's Eye can help guide you toward your highest truth and see future possibilities. So if you're feeling lost or stuck, let Tiger's Eye show you the way!

The key to working with your pendulum is building your connection with it. Not every pendulum works with every person, at first. Sometimes you have to build a relationship with it. The more you work with it, the more it will work for you. Like any good relationship, it can take time.

A great place to start is simply to ask your pendulum how it wants to communicate with you. You can ask, “what does ‘yes’ look like?” My pendulum happens to swing from north to south for “yes,” but yours might swing differently. Then you can ask what “no” and “I don’t know/not right now” look like.

Once you’ve calibrated your pendulum and established a rapport, you’ll be able to discover the answers to things unknown! 


When you purchase this listing, you will receive One (1) TIGER'S EYE PENDULUM in the style of your choice.

Please be conscious that these are stock photos - the pendulum that you receive will range in characteristics due to natural variation. The pendulum you receive may not be shown but will be lovingly chosen for you.


All orders will be lovingly wrapped for shipping and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

*Please be advised* All crystal properties are listed for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

Blessings of love and light,


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