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Sunstone Tumbled Stones - To Boost your Confidence & Unlock Your Potential


Feeling a bit down in the dumps? Sunstone will help you turn it around!

They don’t call it 'The Sunshine Stone" for nothing – this stone brings its warm, golden energy and generosity to transform your energy into positive vibes!

Don’t look at the glass as half-empty anymore—with Sunstone, you can view it as half-full.

You now have access to wisdom and prosperity thanks to this little powerhouse.

It will fire up that creativity, giving you strength and confidence to move forward and make your dreams come true.

Sunstone is like an instant fix that unlocks potential within you—take a little spark of this fiery gem, ignited with Native American legend, let yourself fly free so those ambitions soar high!

So throw away those worries, sit back and relax cause things are starting to looking bright, alright!


When you purchase this listing, you will receive one (1) SUNSTONE TUMBLED STONES in the size that you feel most drawn to. 

Please be aware these are STOCK PHOTOS - The stone you receive will range in characteristics due to natural variation. 

Depth, width, and height on these stones will range as sizing goes up. Since they are sorted by weight and not by size, some stones may be thinner or thicker, longer, or shorter, etc... Please be aware the stone you receive may not be shown.

To choose your desired weight, please use the option menu.

All orders will be lovingly wrapped for shipping and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

Blessings of love and light,


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