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Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelets - To Keep Away Negative Vibes


Do you ever feel like you're surrounded by negative energy? If so, it's time to introduce Black Tourmaline in Quartz into your life! This powerful gemstone is the most protective stone you can work with, creating an energetic shield around you that deflects negativity and seals holes in your auric space.

But Black Tourmaline in Quartz is not just a stone of protection. It also counteracts energy depletion, connecting you with divine inner wisdom and helping you to feel safe and well. Clear Quartz amplifies and magnifies the energies of Black Tourmaline, making it an ideal companion for this powerful gemstone.

If you're looking for a stone that will help you to stay grounded and connected to your higher self, look no further than Black Tourmaline in Quartz. This gemstone has a high vibration that draws people in and can be magnified by your own frequency.

So if you're ready to uplevel your life, add some Black Tourmaline in Quartz to your collection!


When you purchase this listing, you will receive One (1) BLACK TOURMALINE IN QUARTZ BRACELET in the style of your choice.

Please be conscious that these are STOCK PHOTOS - the bracelet that you receive will range in characteristics due to natural variation. The bracelet you receive may not be shown but will be lovingly chosen for you.


All orders will be lovingly wrapped for shipping and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

*Please be advised* All crystal properties are listed for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

Blessings of love and light,



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