The Divine Bubble

Pyramids Incense Sticks - For Awakening Sacred Abilities


Experience the ancient powers of the Pyramids with Satya Pyramids Incense.

This unique blend of flora incense is like no other, bringing out the yogi in each of us and evoking images of Monks chanting in a mysterious forest.

Create an island of conscious repose as you experience Satya Pyramids Incense, which promises to bring balance to your electromagnetic field, accelerate your spiritual consciousness and help to enhance concentration.

At The Divine Bubble we believe in unlocking the magical powers within yourself.

Enjoy solitary notes that will lift you up in moments of meditation and embrace the regenerative power this unique scent has to offer; allowing it to spread its heavenly magic across entire rooms while elevating your spiritual connection.

Pyramids incense is perfect for anyone seeking spiritual magic, personal growth or even just a little healing energy in their lives.

Breathe deep and unlock those magical possibilities with Pyramids Incense!

When you purchase this listing you will receive: One (1) BOX OF SATYA PYRAMIDS INCENSE STICKS.

1 (one) Box = 15 sticks

As always, it will be lovingly wrapped and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

*Be wise when using any incense for smudging. Remember to always burn only on a fireproof surface and in a semi-ventilated space and make sure it is truly out before you walk away from it. Do not burn any plants to which you are allergic. Store in a dry space away from direct sunlight.*

Blessings of good health and divine love always,


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