The Divine Bubble

Moldavite Incense - Unlock Your Spiritual Guidance


Do you feel an unexplainable pull towards the mystical realm? If so, then awaken the spiritual energy within yourself with HEM Moldavite Incense.  – an otherworldly scent that will take you away to a realm of magical spirituality!

Crafted from a tincture of precious Moldavite and essential oils that are perfect for meditation, this high vibrational incense works wonders with your Heart Chakra. The powerful, enchanting aroma will instantly transport you to the mystical forests of the Rockies Mountains, where ancient secrets and self-discovery lie in wait.

Open up to a new world of possibilities by connecting deeply and authentically with yourself through our HEM Moldavite Incense. Unlock greater sources of spiritual guidance as you bring your inner peace and healing energies into alignment - perfect for those on a journey to personal growth and development.

Embark on a magical quest filled with unexpected transformation and discover true inner strength and mindfulness that will last a lifetime.


When you purchase this listing, you will receive One (1) BOX OF HEM MOLDAVITE STICKS.

One (1) Box = 20 sticks

As always, it will be lovingly wrapped and infused with Love and Light before being sent out. Please expect some slight variation in terms of color, texture, etc. from each lot.

***Be wise when using any incense for smudging. Remember to always burn only on a fireproof surface and in a semi-ventilated space and make sure it is truly out before you walk away from it. Do not burn any plants to which you are allergic. Store in a dry space away from direct sunlight.***

Blessings of good health and divine love always,


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