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Crystals Oracle 🔮💎 Unlock the Magic of Gemstones


🔮Step into the dazzling world of crystals with Crystals Oracle, a unique set of 52 crystal cards that will help you harness the power of gemstones and enhance your intuition. Uncover the secrets of these beautiful cards and watch as a whole new, mystical world opens up before you.💎

Key Features:

  • 🌟48 Crystal Cards and 4 Element Cards🌟 – Delve into the unique vibrational qualities of each gemstone and connect with the powerful forces of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
  • 📖160-page Illustrated Guidebook📖 – Comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations on using the cards for insightful readings, chakra work, and home crystal placement.
  • 🏡Crystals for Home and Garden🏡 – Learn how to harness the energy of crystals for healing yourself, others, and even our planet.
  • 🔋Works with Chakras🔋 – Discover how to align and balance your chakras using the magical energy of crystals.

This listing includes:

  • One (1) Crystals Oracle: 52-Card Deck
  • One (1) 160-page Illustrated Guidebook



🚨Please note: Tarot and oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never replace professional therapy, legal, medical, or financial advice. Reading Tarot is meant to provide new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration – not to dictate your decisions. You are responsible for making your own choices.🚨

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