The Divine Bubble

Dendritic Opal Spheres - The Courage & Wisdom To Dig Deep


Welcome your higher self! Connect with divine power and profound energy with the Dendrite Opal Sphere— a mystical gem that enlightens your mind, heart, and spirit.

Tap into the majestic power of the Opal’s healing properties while you lay your hand on this powerful stone to revitalize and recalibrate. With an enigmatic swirl of Manganese dendrites, get ready to be spellbound by the magical pattern radiating from within like branches of an enchanted tree.

These divine forces will expand your awareness and envelop your soul in positivity, nurturing emotional well-being that breeds courage and confidence while inspiring motivation.

The knowledge contained within will allow for a major rebirth — allowing you to transform at a deeper level and access uninterrupted spiritual power.

So if you’ve been searching for magic to turn your dreams into reality, look no further than our precious Dendrite Opal Sphere! Perfect for all those seeking spiritual transformation or emotional healing.


When you purchase this listing, you will receive one (1) DENDRITIC OPAL SPHERE. They are about 2 inches in size.

All orders will be lovingly wrapped for shipping and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

Blessings of love and light,


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