The Divine Bubble

Handmade Smudge Incense Sticks - Palo Santo and Your Choice of Flavor!


Introducing our Handmade Smudge Incense Sticks - the perfect way to feel spiritually connected!

If you’ve ever wanted to tap into the power of Spirit, then these handmade smudge incense sticks are here to answer your calling. Beyond just smelling lovely, each stick is a powerful tool that helps you access potent ancient medicine and clear stagnant energies from your surroundings.

Let your worries fade away as the rich smoke rises up and gently fills your space with its divine fragrance. With just one simple inhale, your worries will ease and you’ll be surrounded by pure magic.

Just light up a smudge stick and let it do its work! Now it’s easier than ever to practice ritualistic incense burning with each unique handcrafted product.

And don’t forget they make great gifts too – your loved ones deserve some spiritual healing too! So what are you waiting for? Add our Handmade Smudge Incense Sticks to your collection today and ignite an aura of mystery and enchanted wonders in your home.


When you purchase this listing you will receive: One (1) BAG OF SMUDGE INCENSE STICKS in the flavor of your choice. 1 Bag = 3 Sticks.

As always, it will be lovingly-wrapped and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

*Be wise when using any incense for smudging. Remember to always burn only on a fireproof surface and in a semi-ventilated space and make sure it is truly out before you walk away from it. Do not burn any plants to which you are allergic. Store in a dry space away from direct sunlight.*

Blessings of good health and divine love always,


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