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Grape Agate Mini Clusters To Banish Your Worries


This beautiful stone emits a warm and meditative energy that makes it ideal for times of deep reflection and personal growth.

It allows you to clear any stress or fear, and encourages a sense of security while tapping into your intuition.

Grape Agate is great for meditation. Its gentle calming energy helps create an atmosphere that can help clear out mental clutter, promoting a clearer understanding of your inner self.

It also provides an emotional and energetic shield, blocking out unhelpful outside influences so you can zone in and focus deeply on yourself.

And if that weren’t enough, its tranquil properties make it excellent for peaceful sleep; the dream catcher of the crystal world!


When you purchase this listing, you will One (1) GRAPE AGATE MINI CLUSTER

They are about 1 inch in size. Please be aware these are stock photos - The stone you receive may range slightly in characteristics due to natural variation.

All orders will be lovingly wrapped for shipping and infused with Love and Light before being sent out.

Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

Blessings of love and light,


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