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Black Obsidian Heart Palmstones 🖤 Pure Potent Protection


🖤 Are you ready to discover the power of Black Obsidian - It's pure and potent energy has the power to absorb negative energies like no other.

Feeling weighed down by negative energies? Be mesmerized by our Black Obsidian Heart Palm Stone and welcome a sense of tranquility, protection, and clarity into your life. This stunning gemstone serves as a powerful tool for empaths, witches, and anyone seeking solace in their spiritual journey.

🌟 Key Features:
- Provides powerful empath protection
- Soothes emotions during times of mourning and transition
- Perfect addition to your scrying practice or divination set
- Enhances your witchcraft collection
- Absorbs negativity from your surroundings

🌈Product Details:
- Each BLACK OBSIDIAN HEART PALM STONE measures approximately *2 inches*
- Made of **Natural Black Obsidian** – a gemstone renowned for its protection and energy clearing properties
- Due to natural variation, each stone is unique in appearance and characteristics
- Includes **1 Black Obsidian Heart Palm Stone** per order
- All orders are meticulously wrapped and infused with Love and Light before being sent out

💚Bring home an alluring and potent Black Obsidian Heart Palm Stone:
- Reduce stress, anxiety, and negativity with the aid of this powerful stone
- Empower your witchcraft rituals, scrying, divinations, or any witchy thing you do
- Offer it as a thoughtful & magical gift for a fellow spiritual seeker
- Display this stunning piece in your meditation room for a serene atmosphere

Purchase your own *Black Obsidian Heart Palm Stone* today and watch the magic unfold! 💫

Blessings, Rebecka

❗Please note: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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