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🌿 October 5th 🌿 Herbal First Aid - Thursday Night Magical Sabbatical


🌿 Discover the healing power of nature with Herbal First Aid!

💚 Unleash the pharmacy of your surroundings with San Diego California native plants, just like our ancestors!

🌱 Learn how to create soothing teas🍵, healing dusting powders💨, soothing syrups🍯, and revitalizing oils🧴 all while learning about these incredible plants.

🍂 Get ready to bring the magic and wisdom of nature into your daily life🌼.

🧙‍♀️ Join us for an enlightening herbal journey led by the amazing Araceli Puga-Saldana!

🌟 Let's become plant allies and take home your very own Herbal First Aid kit!

📆 Mark your calendars for Thursday, Oct 5'th
🌱Topic: Herbal First Aid
🔍 Explore: California native plants
⏰ Time: 6:30 - 8ish PM
📍 Location: 4639 30th Street, 92116
💵 Just $5

🔗 Limited spots available. Secure your place now! ✨

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